‘Photos of the Revolution.’


New York Nico, Christelle de Castro & Steven John Irby of Street Dreams Magazine present A charity print sale with 100% of proceeds funding Bailouts, LGBTQIA+ foundations, organizations committed to youth mentorship & community legal aid funds. ‘Photos of the Revolution’ is comprised of work by 17 artists, who speak to the revolutionary power of protest in marginalized communities. Intentionally centering this point of view, each image speaks to the steadfast resilience and joyful resistance of Black and Queer life.

In partnership with Darkroom, this week-long sale will offer prints by artists ranging from $85 to $150, with affordable options for custom framing. All prints are produced on Kodak Endura Lustre photo paper and fulfilled from NYC by Darkroom.

© kenny cousins

“Fist clenched, a 6-year-old boy launches out the vehicle, screaming “No justice, no peace” at a protest in downtown Brooklyn. Is it 1960 or 2020? Jahsiah “Jah” Clark personifies OUR struggle and the ongoing fight for racial equality. As a symbol of the next generation and those to come, where do we go from here?”

© Lola Flash

““Dean” is an important part of my series “[sur]passing. I usually refer to his portrait as the cornerstone of the project. Once I captured this image, it led me on my way forward for the series. I love the way he is framed by the Battersea Power station, in the background. He has such a fluid look about him, that his essence speaks to my entire body of work.”

© Jessica Foley

“Tension was rising. The observer found a higher vantage point to view the protestors on the front lines.”

© Shan Wallace

“Katrina and Nataki serve soft and fierce Vogue hands in East Baltimore.”

© Flo Ngala

“I’ve never been part of such a large crowd of people… I could look to my left and right and see people everywhere, but it wasn’t until I stood up on the bridge that I got to see how powerful people coming together could really be and what that really looked like. To think that this is happening across the country and around the world is inspiring, I have faith that we’ll live to see equality in this lifetime.”

© Jeremy Grier

“Malik” was photographed in a Connecticut basement where Grier grew up. This photo crystallizes the essence of growing up in Connecticut and the many basement parties Grier’s family would host, all the while exploring and documenting Malik’s beauty and fluidity.”

© Mark Clennon

“Essential workers step outside to support a Black Lives Matter protest passing by.”

© Christelle de Castro

“Portrait of anti-racist activist & creator of the Blue Eye / Brown Eye exercise, Jane Elliott. Photographed at her home in Riceville, Iowa in 2017.”

© Steven John Irby

“UES. 6.3.2020”
“I had no idea there was a car in the middle of the street because there was so many people, and energy was peaking. When I bumped into it more or less, I tried to get as much space as I could to try and photograph the moment. I knew immediately it felt like power and perseverance, especially on the first night of curfew.” (On assignment w/ The New Yorker).

© Justin French

“3rd Millennium Cherub”
“This image was a collaboration between myself, Ibrahim Kamara and Tariq White. Tariq for me represents beautiful youth, curious, observant, playful…..all the things that i attribute to be directly attuned to humanity (or in direct attendance with GOD if you will). Not assigned to chapel ceilings, but a cherub of the 3rd millennium, protector and nurturer of expression in the digital age.”

© Alex Hodor-Lee

“Taken Thursday June 11th, 2020. A young woman raises her fist at a protest at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.”

© Texas Isaiah

“A portrait of my friend, Rashad, taken at the Underground Museum in Los Angeles, CA.”

© Kevin Claiborne

“Photograph from protests against police brutality on FDR, Manhattan May 30th, 2020.”

© Daniel Arnold

“I turned around and there it was, approximately 49th and 7th on A Sunday march.”

© Ronan Mckenzie

“Nya, for my soul. 2019.“

© Marcus Maddox

“Face-off, Philadelphia, 2020”
“During a peaceful protest in Philadelphia, I saw a man with his hands up inches from an officer’s face. It was a very tense and eerily quiet standoff between two black men and the police. The protestor in the foreground began tying his head wrap tightly around his head, seemingly preparing for a violent clash.”

© Shaniqwa Jarvis

“While riding bikes with my husband in St Elizabeth, Jamaica we kept passing this house and in my head I started to sing “love shack, that’s where it’s at.” While setting up my camera to take the photo, a few baby goats appeared and took a shit while staring at me. I felt it was the best moment ever.”


(All proceeds will benefit the following foundations & initiatives)

Black Trans Femmes In the Arts: The mission of the BTFA Collective is to connect the community of black trans women and non-binary femmes in the arts & to build power among ourselves. The BFTA Collective is also working closely with the Emergency Release Fund to bail out Black Trans women detained from protest.


Black Visions Collective: Black Visions Collective believes in a future where all Black people have autonomy, safety is community-led, and we are in the right relationship within our eco systems.


Brooklyn Community Bail Fund: Brooklyn Community Bail Fund secures the freedom of New Yorkers who would otherwise be detained pretrial due to their poverty alone.


Hetrick-Martin Institute: As the nation’s largest & oldest LGBTQ Youth service organization, Hetrick-Martin Institute provides living assistance academic, creative, & mental health mentorship for kids between the ages of 13-24.


Scope of Work: An organization that provides free mentorship and programming for underrepresented young people to establish a more inclusive creative ecosystem.


The Legal Aid Society: As the largest, most influential social justice law firm in New York City, the Legal Aid Society provides Civil, Criminal Defense, Juvenile Rights, and Pro Bono services to clients and works to dismantle the hidden, systemic barriers that can prevent them from thriving in New York City.


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