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“OUT OF BOUNDS”というシリーズは「筆跡」という大昔からある普遍的な価値を「四角/キャンバス/国境/ルール/システム/概念」と言うものを飛び越えてそのものが剥き出しとなった形をというものを筆跡を通して表現したもの。自分が今まで見てきたものや、やってきたこと全て合わさった時に生まれた。それが自分のシグネチャーになったんだ。小さい頃に絵を始めて、30歳を超えて初めてオリジナルの表現が出来たと感じた。それはまさに旅だったし、まだ始まったばかりだ。

I’m Meguru Yamaguchi.

I’m an artist. Raised in Tokyo, now I’m working in Navy Yard Brooklyn NYC.

When I first arrived in New York at the age of 23 in 2007, I started to ask questions such as “Where do I come from, and (from an expression point of view), where would I go?”

So, for the first time in my twenty-three years, I started to think of my identity, the country I was born in and the cultures I was familiar with. After I had considered myself in this way, things became clear to me, and an idea came into my mind that, everything I liked when I was a child, and everything I saw and did would be the key to knowing myself – for me, this was drawing and painting. I started oil painting when I was 6. I didn’t like to do it the same way other kids did, so I put pigments straight from the tubes onto the canvas without using a brush – in the same manner as Van Gogh.

I learned Japanese Calligraphy, and when I was in high school, I was strongly influenced by street culture.

I couldn’t go to an art university or get a job in a company as many other people did. Moreover, after I started living in New York, I became aware of racism and discrimination. There was a time in the past when I could not travel back to Japan due to visa issues (it is solved now though). All these personal experiences came together, and I asked myself what are the boundaries, what are the rules of society, that make me an outsider, and why would I let them make me so? I wanted to go beyond those pre-set boundaries which restricted me, so I decided to allow myself to express them through painting.


In my series of paintings “ OUT OF BOUNDS “, I use brush strokes we have inherited from long ago, what I call “perpetuated value”, in a technique that peels away and goes beyond all sorts of “Squared, Canvas, Rules, Systems, Pre-set Conceptions” and I try to let the brush strokes exist as they naturally are.

I was able to create this when all the experiences I underwent had come together — and this became my signature work series. I felt that although I had started drawing in my childhood, I was finally able to create something original when I was over 30. So I can say all this has really been a journey, and yet the journey has just begun too.

words and art by meguru yamaguchi


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