‘New York Noir.’

Nostalgic Futurism in City Streets

by Dave Krugman

So much of our cinematic sensibilities have been shaped by the atmosphere and architecture of New York City. It has long since earned its title as the island at the center of the world- a city so rich in experience that culture has become one of its main exports.

Creatives the world over consider Manhattan a muse, a multifaceted metropolis, where skyscrapers glint in the light like the edges of gems, towering over a blanket of interconnected streets. A decisive moment lies at the intersection of variables, and New York is a super collider of these potentialities.

Around each corner lies some unseen truth, some unobserved insight, some magic of form and light just waiting to be noticed by one of many keen eyes. Headlights pierce through steam, the people move and eclipse light- showing form like the movement of celestial bodies.

There’s no feeling quite like getting lost in these multilayered mazes, but with so much found, were we ever really lost? Aimless wandering, one might say, but to the practiced person following the path their camera points to, the aims are abundant and clear.

We shoot to evoke a feeling, we practice procuring visual poems, we are seeking the specters of stories that blow down 6th avenue. The details rise to attention like stepping stones, which carry us across wordless chasms to promising shores, strewn with meaning and that most precious commodity of all- connection with the whole.

After all, these motifs that we notice, those moments that we seek all tell a core story of this grand city. It is a place that is more than the sum of its parts, a nuclear reactor of human energy, ambition, and dreams, a gravitational swirl of interconnected creativity that pulls the people who it needs into orbit.

These images to me are some of my favorite poems I’ve made about this place. Moments where the universe aligned, the pieces clicked into place, and I felt, for a fraction of a second, that I was a part of something outside myself

New York, just like the movies.

words and photos by Dave Krugman


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