‘Elizabeth Wirija’


I seek to explore, experiment and create the worlds I imagine in my mind. The greatest gift I’ve been awarded is the ability to translate – from my experiences and intangible curiosity of my environment into art. One that others can feel, ponder and question. What’s important to me is not to be understood, but to provide realizations. It doesn’t have to be life-changing, it could just initiate a simple feeling and I would be content. 

I dissect the complexity of my internal landscape through what I make, it’s an interesting relationship especially when it becomes a core identity. Knowing I am a human first that makes art, not just an artist. I appreciate the connection I have with my community here in New York, especially coming from a small island like Indonesia. I want to continue to live fully and create along the way in this complex thing we know as life. 

Photo of me by Codie Monowi @workbycodie 

photos by elizabeth wirija


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