by Jennifer Li

The concept of this shoot is to represent the idea of self isolation, to convey the multitude of emotions that go through one’s conscious during this period of solitude. The idea behind casting away one’s self from society can be both healing yet detrimental, there is no change without suffering.

The idea of balance between emotions is also important as giving the image of sadness is not the goal. It’s important that every aspect of the shoot conveys: “the longing for a sense of self-satisfaction”.

“Clownfish” as the title was not used for the imagery but rather the feeling you get when you hear the word itself, it’s quirky, silly yet there is something undeniably unsatisfying about it, just like how we can tend to feel when going through the motions of life.

photos and words by Jennifer Li

stylist: Jonathan Lim 
mua: Nelly
model: Hanzhang Zhang
assistant: Feng
wardrobe: asai, collina strada, marine serre, sacai


powered by #SDMstyles


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