‘Daydreaming in Cuba.’

by Jessica Foley

Returned from my second trip to Havana but this time, with three of my best friends. I think I’ll forever be in awe with the beautiful city, people and culture.

Hopefully my DuoLingo Spanish-speaking skills will be a bit more fine tuned by the time I get to explore the rest of the country.

It was fun interchanging between the Contax G1 and the Pentax 67 – you can even see the difference in the types of photos shot with each camera.

Still getting around to my digitals but thought I’d share some of the film shots.

Much love to our friends at ‘Immerse Cuba’ for taking care of us, as always. If you want an authentic and trustworthy Cuban experience, be sure to look them up.

photos and words by Jessica Foley


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